about Leia Cohen

Finding a Balance

lea wudang temple

I care about finding a balance in a world that has lost its equilibrium. I care about helping others to find this balance. I was often out of balance in my life because of very emotional monthly cycle.

I have always exercised my whole life, I am very active,  I used to be a competitive figure skater and then when that was over I swam, taught swimming, went to the gym, and always until this day did active walking,

Despite all this I inherited an emotional monthly cycle and out of balanced hormones, from the women on my mother’s side of the family. My mother used to say she had only one good week a month and I was following in her footsteps.

Finally, at the age of 37 my body gave up, I broke it. Tremendous pain invaded my being and I no longer could get so emotional without it hurting too much.

My transformation began when I quit coffee it helped tremendously to maintain a calm demeanor. Then I moved with my family to a Chinese Kung Fu school in Wudang China. We spent two years there training, homeschooling and sharing memorable moments with the foreigners and the Chinese who trained side by side with us. It gave me the tools I needed to finally heal and truly transform into a healthy happy version of myself. I freed myself from my pain and I found balance through movement especially but not only from Tai Chi, and Qigong.

In 2017 I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I learned how foods affect our bodies and our emotions. I learned to cut out foods that could be considered healthy but were triggers for my difficult emotional states and from there I found the final piece to the puzzle to living in a peaceful emotionally balanced state... most of the time :)

In China Especially, I learned that when things aren't feeling right if I move then everything settles back into place.

I am a born teacher, I taught figure skating in my twenties, scuba diving in my 30s and now in my 40s I am teaching people how to find their balance. Everyone’s balance is different and each person knows intuitively what balance is for them. If you want to learn Tai Chi with me and free yourself from any chronic pain, then you can learn from my Video courses. I will be your biggest ally and support you to bring balance into your life. It is never too late to be the best version of you. Let’s not dwell on the past but be open to the future, to the best version it can be, that is what I am doing and I am thrilled to share it with you.