Kaz Art

1) This is great for SIMPLE movement and FLOW to get the chi moving, 2) Leia flows perfectly WITH the music IN SYNC to the beat. I've studied several Qigong/Tai Chi forms in China and in the USA, and I LIKE THIS! This Taiflow uses PRINCIPLES and PARTS of basic Tai Chi and Qigong. How do you naysayers think that the multi-hundreds of Tai Chi and Qigong forms came to be in the first place? By masters putting together NEW COMBINATIONS of the individual parts! There is nothing wrong with doing that! The important point is that you get the chi MOVING and FLOWING, which this 5 minute form does very well. I like Leia's voice, her graceful movements, the exquisite background, and even the music. She accomplishes exactly what she set out to do! Kudos to her for putting this up!

Kaz Art September 2018 - YouTube Videos