Peter Connor

I found Leia on youtube about 18 months back and i got to love her videos. As an old man of 71 I found that I could achieve a lot of enjoyment out of doing her videos, in fact, I got so excited that i asked Leia if she could give me some private lessons. She did. As a result 18 months later I have done her basics course her flow videos and her flow classes. She has also taught me the 8 brocades, 5 animals Qigong, I learnt 28 form Tai Chi and now i am learning Tai Yi. I also go to all her live workshops which I really enjoy. There is always something new for me to learn there. Leia shows me how to learn in a simple way which i can understand easily. I also pay her for all her videos because they are so easy to follow. Leia has given me a reason to get out of bed every day. I have also learnt to eat healthy and have gone from 98 kilos to 81 kilos. Thanks for my new life teach.

Peter Connor August 2019 - Traditional basics, Monthly Library, 8 Brocade, and all the live workshops to date and beyond