Lyn Hodkinson

Just wanted you to know that I am thoroughly enjoying your modules. I have recently retired after 20 years working in children's services and decided to do something about my interest in tai chi. I found the lessons challenging at first but also relaxing and my sense of achievement when I master the movements is fantastic. My breathing, coordination and balance have improved markedly and I have been diligent in practising every day, whether it has been for 10 or 30 minutes, but ensuring I do not miss a day and this has certainly assisted me to improve. I prefer to practice outside but bit difficult at the moment due to our winter weather.  I started with your 5 minute a day Youtube sessions late last year, then purchased the video sessions and am so glad I did, so thank you for sharing your skills and passion  online. Recently I had to have a filling at the dentists, where I always gag a lot as I dislike things in my mouth. I tried to really focus on my breathing through my nose, holding my hands on my tummy to feel the diaphragm moving correctly and I did not gag once, which I attribute to my tai chi, a great practical outcome.

 Lyn Hodkinson June 2018 - Traditional Tai chi Basics Course