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Yearly Traditional Gold Membership

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What you'll get:

  • Wudang Traditional Basics
  • Wudang 8 Brocade Qigong
  • Wudang 5 Animals Qigong
  • 8 Step form from the Wudang mountain
  • No experience required
  • Live weekly session with Leia
  • Teaching videos and practice videos

What People Are Saying:

During the long Canadian winter of 2022, my husband suggested we try Tai Chi. I have to admit I had no real idea what it is, but I was enthusiastic to give it a try. I was in the midst of recovering from my third hip replacement, and struggling with the consequent muscle weakness and balance deficit. We researched “who is the best online Tai Chi teacher?” Well, of course, Leia’s name came up! So, we subscribed to Leia’s YouTube channel and we started doing the “Tai Chi 5 Minutes a Day” videos every day. We also tried other Tai Chi teaching videos, but nothing and nobody came close to Leia’s flair or fun. A few weeks later I decided I just had to sign up to her program. I chose the Gold program because it covers all the basics, includes the Silver Flow program, and has live classes. Since the pandemic, I have grown very comfortable with virtual interaction, and I absolutely love the live Zoom classes. I enjoy receiving Leia’s feedback and guidance. The classes are very energetic and enjoyable, as are all the program’s videos. I’ve only just begun my Tai Chi journey, and I have a long way to go, but I have noticed significant improvement in my strength, balance and flexibility. I have noted improvement in my gait, and my movements are becoming more fluid. Having my mobility back is having my freedom back. I’m grateful I found this program and am thoroughly enjoying it. May 22, 2023

Janet Chrystian

I can highly recommend the Gold membership level. I found the Gold Traditional Basics level gives a fully comprehensive introduction to traditional Tai Chi, with plenty of videos to work through, theory and the Tai Chi 8 form to complete. The 8 Brocade and the 5 Animals are huge. These Qigong excercises have a wonderful healing influence on both body and mind. I've noticed a great improvement in my lower body strength, balance and confidence. I loved following Leia in the videos, it's been a challenge to learn, but one I've really enjoyed and I'm so happy I did. The live Taiflow sessions are great fun and it's good to get direct feedback from Leia each week. Leia has really changed my life for the better and I would highly recommend trying the Gold membership to anyone. After 5 months, the Gold Traditional Basics level has given me the inspiration to move on to the Platinum Advanced level. Thank you Leia.

Jennifer Walker