Traditional Tai Chi Basics Course

Traditional Tai Chi Basics Course

In the Traditional Basics course we approach the ancient study of Tai Chi step by step. Starting with the most basic movements you learn how to position your body correctly, prevent possible injuries and get the energy flowing. As you learn more and more advanced poses you will begin to understand your body on a whole new level.      

  $250 / lifetime access

  • 12 How to videos
  • 6 theory videos
  • 22 practice 'Flow' videos
  • 3 live workshops with Leia (price not included)
  • Lifetime access (payment plans upon request)
Freestyle Tai Chi Flow Videos

Freestyle Tai Chi Flow Videos

This collection of videos is an expansion of the popular video series on Youtube. These are short Tai Chi flow videos between 5-18 minutes each. These easy playful movements are practiced with loops and repetitions to get you into a mindful flow.  



De-clutter your mind through the repetition of graceful movements.


  $15 / Month - $160 / year

  • Flow Library
  • 25+ Flow Videos and growing
  • 5 Catwalk Transition videos
  • 8 Qigong '5 Minutes a Day'
  • and more videos added regularly