30-Day Tai Chi Program


The Challenge doors have closed. Please come back next year to join. 

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Tai Chi DTx

30 Days of Tai Chi

Strengthen your Tai Chi habit to support your health plan.

Tai Chi DTx

Longevity practice

Mindful movement to boost your immune system. 

Tai Chi DTx

Connect to your breath.

Release stress connect your breath with mindful movement

What is this program?

This program is made up of prerecorded Tai Chi videos led by Tai Chi master instructor Leia Cohen to help you improve your concentration,  improve your breathing and energy levels.

You will follow and master a set of five videos that you watch streaming from the Taiflow website.

Studies have shown that practicing Tai Chia has a positive effect on your brain and your vagus nervous system and can aid preventing illness and support a healing process.

Listen to Molly has to say...



 "When I started Tai Chi about a year and a half ago, it was my intention to get myself moving again after having Covid 19, gaining weight, and struggling with chronic fatigue.  I've been amazed by the difference how the seemingly simple movements of Tai Chi have made in my health.  

At times, the practice is addictive in the way it rejuvenates the body and mind.  I've found reaching the goals of getting a movement right all come down to the way it aligns and resonates with my energy at that current time.  Like metal, my body is refined by the movements, becoming more flexible and stronger by the fire of the Chi.  

There are other times when I feel like I'm in the desert and growth seems to plateau.  I know then I have to just continue with daily practice and revisit some of the basics, which helps seeing some of the movements in a new light.  In turn that helps generate the learning process again.

The ebb and flow of the practice additionally teaches lessons beyond any of the physical movements.  It gives me patience, endurance, persistence, and gratitude.  Though sometimes I get anxious to learn as much as I can, I know that it is a lifelong process and is a practice I can speed up or slow down as my body so needs.

I am very thankful for your teachings, Leia, in both the practice and theory of Tai Chi you offer and for all the additional learning opportunities you continue to provide your students."
Bill 2022 Challenger

Lyne Berard

Done, but not finished...I have incorporated some of these movements into my morning ritual each day. I don't feel fully awake and ready without them now. Thank you so much for this opportunity to develop a routine that I know I will hold on to. My legs feel stronger, I know how to release tension from my neck and shoulders, my balance is gradually improving, and I am more aware of my breathing. I plan to continue, either on line or live classes. Thank you.

2022 Challenger



Lianne Harrison

I want to say thank you so much to Leia for the opportunity to participate in learning Tai Chi. In just 30 days I've had a significant improvement in my balance and in learning how to breathe properly with the deep breathing. I will continue to practice Tai Chi as it not only gets me moving but mentally I feel more relaxed for the day plus it's a lot of fun and Leia is an amazing master to follow. Thank you!

2022 Challenger

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