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The Benefits of Tai Chi


Regain your physical strength and agility

Remain youthful, agile and age gracefully

Declutter your monkey mind and find peace within

As seen in the extremely popular YouTube video, Leia Cohen continues to create inspiring step by step videos to address the modern ailments of chronic pain and stress to bring peace and calm into your life.

Mentally, each session allows you to process the emotional and informational static you collect throughout the day. These movements bring your mind to a level of peace where you can let go of what no longer serves you which in turn gives rise to new ideas and pursuits that are more aligned with who you are.

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Leia’s journey with Tai Chi started in 2006. She begun from the basics, the traditional 64 Yang style movement form and practiced with a teacher and at home.

As an athlete from early childhood, Leia immediately recognized the value of the practice in releasing the tension in her muscles and allowing for a healthy flow throughout her body. She saw years of tension, built up in competitive figure skating and dance, melt away during that first year of regular practice.

She realized that this practice worked better than any of the stretches and restorative exercises her sports teachers taught her over the years. She also realized that only a small percentage of the people around her even knew about this practice. Leia decided to become a professional and bring Tai Chi to the larger western community…

A mother of two, she put everything on the line and moved her family to China so that they could all learn from the masters. She thought it was paramount to give her children the education in Chinese Martial Arts so that wherever they were in the future they would always have this tool to help their bodies heal and their minds relax even in challenging times.


She never thought that spending years at the Traditional Martial Arts Academy in Wudang China would result in a viral YouTube video that skyrocketed her practice in the US and across the world. Her cool demeanor and pleasant voice inspired people across continents to share her video with their friends. Now she is grateful for her successful practice and course series which allow people from all over the world to have access to her teachings.

Leia is an accomplished practitioner and a certified teacher of several styles of Tai Chi including the Tai Chi Sword Forms, Qigong Forms and Kung Fu.  She is now sharing with you what Tai Chi can teach us about ourselves, life, health and the world around us.

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  1. Mood Balancing

    This practice can dramatically improve mood, anxiety and depression.
  2. Sleep Like an Angel

    After only a few days you will enjoy an improved sleep and deeper rest.
  3. Mind Expanding

    As your stress diminishes your mind can focus on what really matters. You will find new ideas and solutions flowing easily as you practice.
  4. Stress Be Gone

    The anxiety that plagues our society is not natural, this ancient practice is key to stress release.



  1. Bye Bye Back Pain

    This is a set of forms that gradually releases years of tension and frees energy circulation.
  2. Release the Extra Pounds

    Follow this easy daily routine, include nutritional changes and you will let go of the excess
  3. weight.
  4. Keeps You Young

    Tai Chi daily practice strengthen muscles, improves memory and reduces the risk of falling as you get older.
  5. Strength and Endurance Chi builds your muscles and after only weeks your strength and endurance will noticeably improve.

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Freestyle Tai Chi Flow

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More than 50 Simple Freestyle Tai Chi Flow videos

Tai Chi 5 Minutes a day program with longer videos of 20 minutes

Seated Tai Chi

Live weekly flow sessions with Leia on Zoom
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Live weekly flow sessions with Leia on Zoom
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New videos are added when Leia travels to lovely spots

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Traditional Tai Chi Basics

Fundamentals of Tai Chi 
40+ videos, ongoing email support from Leia

 Extend your life with these two traditional Qigong Forms:

Qigong 8 Brocade

Qigong 5 Animals:

Tai Chi 8 Step form:
Easy entry level traditional Tai Chi form

60 minutes of live weekly practice class on Zoom with Leia

Includes everything from the Silver membership and the flow class

$34/Month $375/Year

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Traditional Tai Chi Advanced

Tai Chi 28 step form:
32 How-to videos with easy-to-understand explanations with front and back perspectives

Advanced Forms :
Tai Yi Chuan
Tai Chi 13 
Expand your mind with new postures and steps. 

90 minutes live weekly practice classes on Zoom with Leia

It also includes everything from the Silver and Gold memberships and their flow classes


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