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The Benefits of TaiChi


Tai Chi with Leia Cohen

The Flow Library is the continuation of the Youtube videos series.

When you sign up to the Library membership you can also join Leia every week online for 20 minutes of Tai Chi Flow. Follow these easy movements and build strength, flexibility and coordination. Contact Leia for class times in your area.

 Achieve harmony and balance through movement.

Your Tai chi journey with Leia

About Leia Cohen

Because I have a long background in figure skating and dance I was able to pick up Tai Chi easily. I have been practicing Yang style Tai Chi since 2006 when I started by learning a 64 movement form. I practiced with a teacher 3 times a week and then I practiced at home every other day because as an athlete I know that a personal practice is how you excel in any sport. It took me 2 years to learn that form well.

Then I went to train intensively, for two years, in a Traditional Martial Arts Academy in Wudang China. Here I learned a whole new style of Tai Chi that I found enchanting and in the two years I trained there I learned a handful of Tai Chi forms, sword forms, Qigong forms and I even got so strong that I started to learn Kung fu forms. I have been certified to teach almost all of them by my Chinese Master Yuan Xiu Gang.

There has been a powerful transformation in my life because of my daily Qigong and Taiji practice and I would like to share these benefits with you. I offer you this website as a place to train  and to embark on the journey of learning what Taiji has to teach us about ourselves, life, health, and the world around us. I look forward to seeing you in class.

Your Tai chi Journey with Leia


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This Monthly Membership gives access to a Library of Taiflow videos that flow like the ones on Youtube.

Taiflow Masterclass

Learn the basic Tai Chi principles and postures, deepen your understanding of your Tai Chi practice.

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Your Starting Point


Traditional Basics Course

Leia's signature course that  teaches you the important fundamentals of Tai chi.

3 live basics workshops

Keep on track with 3 live workshops with Leia register here:

Tai Chi 28 movement form

The advanced course that follows the Traditional Basics training.

Seasonal Workshops

Learn Qigong and nutrition with the 5 element theory with the seasons of the year.

Tai Chi Courses

taichi 5min aday

Easy to follow Tai Chi videos just like the ones on YouTube. Watch and practice with a new video every month.

traditional basics

Learn the fundamental basics of Wudang style Tai Chi with short easy modules and clear explanations

Learn the Wudang style 8 Brocades with short easy modules, clear explanations in a stunning New Zealand setting

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