A Dedicated Tai Chi practice will:
  • Loosen the joints and spine
  • Relax points of tension in the body
  • Moving meditation
  • Increase blood flow to vital organs through improved circulation
  • Detoxify the body and release stored up toxins
  • Keep the blood flowing and improve cell regeneration

Release dis-ease and stiffness with a daily practice that addresses every part of your body. As you move trapped Chi will be released and realigned throughout your body.

In Tai Chi each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion. These are circular non-strenuous, soft flowing movements that loosen the joints and spine and relax points of tension in the body. By focusing on the movements and the breath this allows the mind to take a break and creates a sense of peace and calm.

As you gently begin to move the parts of your body which might be stiff or have limited mobility, you will remind your body of it’s innate tendency to wellness.

This is also a moving meditation.

By breathing deeper and longer with the diaphragm, your movements will oxygenate the blood and enhance circulation. These movements and poses also help improve cardio fitness and effectively detoxify the body. This all leads to improved concentration as it brings a deeper level of self-awareness and a fusion of the mind and body.

Let’s stop the incessant internal chatter to focus on our breathing and perfecting our movements. In this state of “mindfulness” you will feel calm and confident.

Strength and Balance