Strength & Balance

  • Improved neuromuscular functiona
  • An easy and fun resistance workout
  • ‘zero impact’ - will not cause damage to existing injuries
  • A practice that strengthens mental focus and concentration
  • Whole-body exercises improve posture and balance
  • Prevents falls be firmer on your feet.
  • Improved emotional strength to handle what life throws at you
Gently rebuild your core and create a balanced foundation for your body.

When your body is in balance and your muscles release pent-up tension you will find your whole being is realigning – physically, emotionally and spiritually you will become more in tune with your inner being. This is one activity where the benefits go way beyond the physical. When you make this practice a habit you will reap further benefits:

Both the Freestyle Flow Video Library and the Traditional Basics Course provide you with the tools to start your own Tai Chi based practice at home. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese system of calisthenics and low-impact exercise that puts minimal stress on the muscles and joints. This makes it the ideal exercise regime for people of all ages and ability levels (with modifications).

Tai Chi may seem ‘easy’ or ‘soft’ to those who don’t practice but it improves both lower body and upper body strength when practiced regularly.

Practicing Tai Chi daily will strengthen and align your legs, through the hips, waist and abdomen. As you align each of these joints and release tension that is pulling your body out of line, you will find that you experience less body pain.  Over time you will be able to release chronic tension and pain.

Even without the assistance of weights and resistance bands, Tai Chi can be compared to resistance training using the weight of the practitioner’s own body. Holding up the arms, and keeping the knees bent strengthens your whole body starting at the feet.

You will experience a deeper connection with your own ligaments and tendons as you feel them become stronger and more elastic. Running up and down the stairs, and navigating uneven terrain will gradually become easier as your flexibility improves.

Remember, your body will gain all of these benefits without intensely draining or aggressive exercises. These soft exercises relax and loosen tensed up muscles and joints from a lifetime of stressful postures. Tai Chi doesn’t put stress on aging bones or sore joints.

Still, this practice is far more dynamic than it looks! These slow gentle movements add up to an easy yet invigorating workout!

Here are more benefits that will affect every system in your body with dedicated regular practice:

  • Your respiratory system will strengthen through deep abdominal breathing.
  • Your concentration will improve as you learn new patterns and coordinate the mind and body.
  • Your range of motion will improve. Especially if you are getting older, you will see your body get stronger as those around you experience more and more body challenges.
  • Your muscles will become visibly toned over time, making wearing short sleeves and bathing suits much more pleasurable.
  • You will find your brain function improve as the left and right functions are balanced.

Tai Chi soothes the soul, connects you to your higher self and gives you the confidence to effectively interact with the world outside.

 I suggest you start with the Freestyle Flow Video Library to build your muscle and body memory and discover the joy and freedom of a simple daily practice. When you are ready for a greater challenge advance to the  Traditional Basics Course 

If you are seriously working on keeping yourself young, and maintaining full body flexibility, healthy organs and hormonal balance, you will learn the 8 Brocade Qigong form in the Traditional Basics Gold membership.



Peace and Health

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