The Benefits of The Silver Freestyle Tai Chi Flow Course

This collection of videos is an expansion of the popular video series on Youtube. These are short Tai Chi flow videos between 5-18 minutes each. These easy playful movements are practiced with loops and repetitions to get you into a mindful flow. 

Freestyle Tai Chi flow is also a mindful movement meditation which declutters the mind through the repetition of graceful movements.

When you practice Freestyle Tai Chi Flow, you will be astonished how easy it is to adapt your body to these postures. Freestyle Tai Chi flow can meet the needs of people with a variety of mobility issues.  There is no pressure to do them perfectly.

This is an opportunity to get the body moving in the ways of Tai Chi without the discipline of the more traditional styles of Tai Chi and prepare your body for learning th emore traditional style of Tai Chi.

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Start building flexibility, balance, coordination and strength by building muscle memory through repetition. Get into a habit of moving the whole body gently and with purpose. Clear the clutter of the mind and support your immune system through one of the oldest exercise regimes in the world.

Enjoy imagery that stimulates the senses and inspires the soul to movement.

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Tai Chi Made Easy

Tai Chi made easy, learn the basic movements of Tai Chi in a variety of of different ways that will improve your balance, posture and inner strength.

These are movements that come from Traditional Tai Chi put together to flow and bring a feeling of peace and calmness.

Choose from a wide variety of videos and lengths from 5 minutes to 20 minutes with a new videos added regularly.
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Here are some of the course video modules

Rooster on the Roof

Work on your balance practicing the Rooster standing on one leg

Brush Knee and Push

a classic Tai Chi application found in most Tai Chi styles

Swimming Dragon

Its time to get low with the single whip, snake creeps down and the dragon

The Daoist opening

Learn the beginning movements to the Tai Chi 28 movement form

The Crane Spreads its Wings

Another bird where you practice standing on one leg

Waving Hands Like Clouds

Tai Chi walking forward waving hands like clouds (3 different length variations)

2 Dragon Flies

Another variation of the 2 dragon flies touch the water with different length videos

DDR Kick Series

Work on your balance and strength in your legs with DDRs famous kick series

Moving Storm Clouds

Another variation to the strom clouds series (long and short variations)

Catwalk Series

Learn to transition smoothly from one side to the other with the cat walk

Around the World

Part the horses mane, bring the moon around the world and flip the pancake

My Lady Carries her Umbrella

Learn to transition using the double spiral while my fair lady carries her umbrella

Brush Knee and Push

This time learn to transition using up over the rainbow and the catwalk

Hands like Clouds

Learn to transition using hands like clouds with the cat walk

Qigong - Flow Brocades

Hold up the heavens, separate heaven and earth and Shoot the bow to shoot the hawk

Qigong - Flow Brocades

The hawk glances backwards, shake the head shake the tail, & fierce eyes punching

Daoist Qigong Module 01

Soft movement that originate in Wudang China to get your Qi circulating

Daoist Qigong Module 02

The Crane stands on one foot and learns to keep balance.

The Fish

The swimming fish is added onto a push and pull series

Hip Openers

Move the Moon around the world, and follow the big tractor wheel while opening the hips

The Maiden Displays her Robes

Learning to move hands in a circle together imagining a maiden displaying her robes

Open the Window Look at the Moon

Taken from the Wudang Long form 108 you will find that the rooster also looks at the moon!

Willow Branches Touch the Water

A nice swaying movement imitating branches hanging over the water

New Videos

New videos added all the time

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Gregg (Jan 2022)

I was diagnosed with Covid in October of 2021 and quarantined for 21 days during the healing process. Due to complications, I was unable to do my normal resistance and cardio workout routines and was searching for a physical routine that I could do while standing, that would also include a breathing component as well. It was during this time that I was blessed, and really lucky, to discover Leia Cohen's Tai Chi series on my YouTube feed. 


I was immediately drawn to Leia's teaching style, her easy-to-follow movements, her explanations giving deeper context to the practices, her patient manner, her voice, and the fact that she broke the routines down into smaller time frames that matched my energy level at the time. Leia's programs gave me something to look forward to two times a day, each morning and afternoon, and provided structure to my days of bedrest. Throughout my entire quarantine,  Leia's Tai Chi helped keep my body, my energy and my breath moving in a healthy way. I am now fully recovered from my Covid experience with no lasting effects. I attribute a large part of my physical, mental and emotional healing to Leia's awesome instruction and have continued my practice everyday since. Thank you Leia for being a part of my healing journey, and for making such a powerful practice available to so many people. 

Warmly, with deep gratitude,

Richard (Jan 2022)

Message: I don't know how to say this. Taiflow has changed my life. I completed a 100-day challenge, focused on your 5-minute video. I had previously done some yoga, the 8 brocades, etc. but the serenity I feel now, and the improved balance a notable. Thank you so much. I will be ordering some books but wanted to reach out to thank you

Healther (March 2020) 

I wanted to be sure you know that regardless of that, your work is appreciated and makes a difference daily in the lives of others. As a stroke patient learning to reconnect with her body over the past few years, I can say unequivocally that your work has improved the quality of my life. My physicians and physical therapists agree. I know that I am not the only one who has benefited. And so for that...thank you. Some people will progress much further beyond these introduction videos, others are lucky to even move at all. So again, thank you for your good work and best wishes.

Silver Freestyle Tai Chi Flow

Are you ready for your transformation?

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Brian (Dec 2020)

 I am progressing through the modules and i am enjoying them. The modules have already helped with flexibility, weight control and overall well being.
     I look forward to continuing my Tai Chi journey. 

Michael (Sept 2020)

Here in Vermont, we follow the videos everyday and love it. My wife and I are about 70 and this is something I have wanted to do all my life - finally! My mother was born in Hong Kong, so I grew up hearing stories of China, and it left me with an ingrained love and respect for the culture. We love your work and feel we have found the perfect teacher.