Tai Chi 28 Step form

Tai chi forms are a collections of individual tai chi moves, or postures that are woven together with transition step that link together to form a recognizable choreography of movements.

The number of  postures in a form varies from as little as 4 steps to the long 108 steps that take 20 minutes to perform.

The number of individual movements within a posture can also vary and this will depend on the style if the form. Tai Chi is practiced in many regions in China and for this reason there are many styles and even within the same region the postures and steps vary. Each Tai Chi movement is an exercise in balance, co-ordination, muscle control and  breathing regulation.

Tai Chi is a living form that is always evolving and so will yours too. Lets discover that together.


Learn Tai Chi 28 Step form
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Deep Healing Daily Qigong - 5 Animals

Deep Healing Daily Qigong addresses the existing issues in the muscles, tendons and internal organs by promoting energy movement in the area. As you practice these simple yet powerful movements you will feel your body realigning and releasing anything that no longer serves you

An ancient healing Chinese practice that was developed to move the Qi (Chi) along the body's meridians. This practice is specifically focused on releasing any blockages you might have in your body.

The Deep Healing Daily Qigong practice will use specific movements to address each of your muscle groups and organs in turn to release any blockages. The Qigong movements also relieve negative thought patterns and attachments.

Creating time to practice Qigong can have a major impact on your body's energy levels and resilience and your overall wellness.

What you will learn in this Membership

Tai Chi 28 Step form

This form is learned and practiced in Wudang China. It is derived from the Sang Feng Lineage in China and I present it here as it is taught by Master Yuan Xiugang.

The beginning

Step Back and Push


Straight Single Whip

Lift Hand and Kick

The White Crane Spreads its Wings

Brush knee and Push

Play the Lute

Step up to Deflect Parry and Punch

Catch and Hold

Beat the tiger with the left/right

Brush Knee and Push

Offering to the Heavens

Parting Horses Mane

Straight Single Whip

Jade Girl Works at Shuttles


Step Forward on the Stars

Step back to Mount the Tiger

Waving Lotus Kick

Curved Bow Shoots the Tiger

Step up to Deflect and Punch

Seal and Close

Hold Tiger and Return to the Mountain

5 animals Qigong

As it is practiced every morning at the Traditional Kung Fu Academy in Wudang China. Energise your body with these deep stretches.

The Dragon

The Tiger

The Leopard

The Snake

The Crane

Also included is a bonus course on the coveted 5 Animals Frolicking which is a much more energetically playful Qigong practice.

The Tiger

The Deer

The Monkey

The Bear

The Crane


AAdvanced Learning

As you progress in your Tai Chi journey you will find that when you learn supplementary forms they teach you more about the forms you already know. It gives you more depth to your practice. In this membership you will have the opportunity to learn:

Tai Yi

This is a wonderful form that brings you more flexibility in your hip joints. It is still a slow internal form but the applications are stronger and more obvious which makes it a fun form to practice.

Tai Chi 13 step form

This is the advanced Tai Chi form from Wudang China where I trained. You will learn new Tai Chi movements that are not included in the 28 step form. You will deepen your understanding of the Kua and the Ming Men and what it means to initiate the movement from the waist.  Don't be fooled by the name this form is as long as the 28 step form because each step is practiced on both sides.

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Tai Yi Chuan

Excellent for the hips and joints this is still an internal slow form but it is practiced faster than Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi 13 Movement Form

This is a more advanced form. Don't be deceived by the number it is as long as the Tai Chi 28 steps because the steps are practiced and repeated on both sides.

And More

When you get this far I will make sure there is another course ready for you for the option below.


Laura (Jan 2019)

Right now I work more on your videos about Tai Chi Traditional Basics and also the workshops 1 and 2, because I feel I am able to understand and integrate the movements through them, but sometimes I also look for one of your tai chi Flow modules to enjoy movements in a more  relaxed and very pleasant way. Thank you and see you,

Joan (Jan 2018)

Thank you again for this morning. It was excellent. I came away from the session again feeling like I had achieved something worthwhile. I am enjoying them immensely. Will return next Friday. Regards

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