The Benefits of Qigong


 Deep Healing Daily Qigong addresses the existing issues in the muscles, tendons and internal organs by promoting energy movement in the area. As you practice these simple yet powerful movements you will feel your body realigning and releasing anything that no longer serves you

An ancient healing Chinese practice that was developed to move the Qi (Chi) along the body’s meridians. This practice is specifically focused on releasing any blockages you might have in your body.

The Deep Healing Daily Qigong practice will use specific movements to address each of your muscle groups and organs in turn to release any blockages. The Qigong movements also relieve negative thought patterns and attachments.

Creating time to practice Qigong can have a major impact on your body’s energy levels and resilience and your overall wellness.

Through the regular practice of Qigong and tweaking your daily eating to match the seasons you will benefit from a more restful sleep, more energy during the day and a feeling of calmness to manage your stress.

These exercises are easy to follow and will stretch out your whole body to unblock your whole system and give you a greater vitality throughout your life.

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The 5 Seasons


Water comes in many forms, it can be fog, mist, ice and water, and anything in between those forms. The Kidneys are the chief commanders of your major organs. Learn how to keep them healthy and access the recording of the live class.



Explore the element of wood and nourish the liver and gallbladder during these months. Join Leia for a live workshop to discuss in detail how your journey through spring is flourishing.


In the summer we must care nourish and care for our hearts. This is the element of fire. Lets learn about which foods are good to eat to keep the heart cool in the hot months.

Late Summer

Late summer is an extra season that is not included in western philosophy.  With the changing of our climate, the seasons are also shifting as such the boundaries are not as clear. The late summer season overlaps with the end of summer season. This is an important season because nature is undergoing its last burst of growth before it is time to harvest.


In the Autumn months we must care for our lungs and detox our colon. This is the season of the the metal element. In this workshop I talk about nourishing warm foods to keep your lungs moist and healthy during this time of the year.




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I was diagnosed with Covid in October of 2021 and quarantined for 21 days during the healing process. Due to complications, I was unable to do my normal resistance and cardio workout routines and was searching for a physical routine that I could do while standing, that would also include a breathing component as well. It was during this time that I was blessed, and really lucky, to discover Leia Cohen's Tai Chi series on my YouTube feed. I was immediately drawn to Leia's teaching style, her easy-to-follow movements, her explanations giving deeper context to the practices, her patient manner, her voice, and the fact that she broke the routines down into smaller time frames that matched my energy level at the time. Leia's programs gave me something to look forward to two times a day, each morning and afternoon, and provided structure to my days of bedrest. Throughout my entire quarantine,  Leia's Tai Chi helped keep my body, my energy and my breath moving in a healthy way. I am now fully recovered from my Covid experience with no lasting effects. I attribute a large part of my physical, mental and emotional healing to Leia's awesome instruction and have continued my practice everyday since. Thank you Leia for being a part of my healing journey, and for making such a powerful practice available to so many people. 

Warmly, with deep gratitude,
Jan 2022

Gregg Braden

“I loved our class last night, felt awesome for the rest of the evening, and had a great sleep. (It’s been a bit of a challenge recently)” Gregg Braden

Jan 2022

Heather (March 2020) 

I wanted to be sure you know that regardless of that, your work is appreciated and makes a difference daily in the lives of others. As a stroke patient learning to reconnect with her body over the past few years, I can say unequivocally that your work has improved the quality of my life. My physicians and physical therapists agree. I know that I am not the only one who has benefited. And so for that...thank you. Some people will progress much further beyond these introduction videos, others are lucky to even move at all. So again, thank you for your good work and best wishes.