The Benefits of The Silver PLUS Freestyle Tai Chi Flow Course

In this course you get everything in the Silver membership and more...

More Qigong...

More Stretching...

More Nutritional advice...

 As one of the oldest exercise regimes in the world Qigong supports and improves your immune system.


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Join Now - $22/Month
Join Now - $249/year

You get to access all of the Tai Chi Freestyle Flow videos where Leia makes learning Tai Chi easy so you can have fun and improve your balance, posture and physical strength.

In the Silver Plus you will also get to access a library of videos to stretch your body and meridian systems.

Through the practice of qigong and seasonal nutrition you will learn how to  nourish your major organs and take your health to a new level.

Choose from a wide variety of videos and lengths from 5 minutes to 20 minutes with a new videos added regularly.

Here is what is included in Silver Plus

Tai Chi Freestyle flow

All the videos included in the Silver memberships which is the continuation from the very popular YouTube course

Qigong Flow

Simplified Qigong videos of all lengths based on Traditional movements

Seasonal Qigong and Nutrition

learn what is best to eat during each season according to the elements and practice Qigong according to the seasons

Fit and Flexible Stretching

Do not underestimate the power of stretching your body every day. Eliminate toxins and improve your immune system with these simple stretches.

Tai Chi class live with Leia on Zoom

This is an optional class but it is also a very fun class to join and will also keep you accountable to practice.

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 JoAnne M (January 2023)

Today I did the best I've done so far. I lifted my knee higher and for some reason I didn't fall over. Yay me! I guess I was able to shift my weight the right way. Another video conquered!

Larry C (February 2023)

@first I was but caught by the novelty of Tai Chi and grace of your movements ,then once, in practice, for a time that passed in a twinkling of an eye,  weary flesh turned into pure sweet air. No,I had no "little help from my friends" and the only weed around disrupts the flowers in the garden:) In short, I find Tai Chi and the instructor cooler than the other side of the pillow. Happy Trails!

Patty D (August 2023)

Today is my 500th session of tai chi!!! It took me two years to reach this milestone, but I did it and will continue to do so...

My recent MRI is showing that my brain cancer/tumor has remained stable for almost a year. As you know, I credit consistent Tai Chi for helping me recover balance, coordination, strength, as well as my speech.

Thank you!


Silver PLUS Freestyle Tai Chi Flow

Are you ready for your transformation?

Join Now - $22/Month
Join Now - $249/Year
Joan and Al (June 2023)

A note to say thank you because Al passed his (77th) yearly physical with excellent numbers. I won't go into specifics but to say that the doc was impressed with Al's results and Al explained to him about all that we do in Qigong and Tai Chi. Today in our regimen, we did the last class you posted on a Qigong seminar. So anyway, thanks for your continued teaching.☺️

Richard (Jan 2022)

Message: I don't know how to say this. Taiflow has changed my life. I completed a 100-day challenge, focused on your 5-minute video. I had previously done some yoga, the 8 brocades, etc. but the serenity I feel now, and the improved balance a notable. Thank you so much. I will be ordering some books but wanted to reach out to thank you

Gregg Braden (Jan 2022)

I was diagnosed with Covid in October of 2021 and quarantined for 21 days during the healing process. Due to complications, I was unable to do my normal resistance and cardio workout routines and was searching for a physical routine that I could do while standing, that would also include a breathing component as well. It was during this time that I was blessed, and really lucky, to discover Leia Cohen's Tai Chi series on my YouTube feed. 


I was immediately drawn to Leia's teaching style, her easy-to-follow movements, her explanations giving deeper context to the practices, her patient manner, her voice, and the fact that she broke the routines down into smaller time frames that matched my energy level at the time. Leia's programs gave me something to look forward to two times a day, each morning and afternoon, and provided structure to my days of bed rest. Throughout my entire quarantine,  Leia's Tai Chi helped keep my body, my energy and my breath moving in a healthy way. I am now fully recovered from my Covid experience with no lasting effects. I attribute a large part of my physical, mental and emotional healing to Leia's awesome instruction and have continued my practice everyday since. Thank you Leia for being a part of my healing journey, and for making such a powerful practice available to so many people. 

Warmly, with deep gratitude,
The Author