Taoism for Beginners part 4 - The Three Treasures

daoism for dummies May 07, 2021

In Daoist culture wellness is very important. Daoism can teach you how to live well and how to live long. Daoist medicine is the master of knowledge of human Qi. As a student of Daoism, you learn to how improve your life force and be your own healer.

Many people exercise which is very important but besides exercising your body you also must care for your Qi through Qi practices like Qigong and Tai Chi, herbal supplements and five element nutrition.

Today you will learn more about the Three Treasures that you must care for to live a long healthy life.

Another way to describe the three treasures is Essence, Vitality and Spirit.


Jing is the treasure that is associated with the physical body. It is the most concentrated essence of the three treasures.

The kidney organs store your Jing. The reproductive system also stores Jing so it is no surprise that you would inherit Jing during your conception and while you were a fetus in the belly. This essence is considered the base from which we grow, develop and reproduce.

Jing is said to be the root of our creativity and vitality.

You lose your Jing through excessive stress or worry. Tai Chi helps moderate stress and worry and as such it helps you preserve the Jing you were born with.


Qi is the life force; it is what makes  you live and breathe.

The Qi flows through the circulatory blood vessels, through all the organs and all other systems in the body.

There is Qi all around us in everything that is alive. You can build more Qi and store it in the middle Dantien just under your belly button.

Your Qi warms your body, circulates your blood and other bodily substances, keeps your organs from collapsing and moves your digestive system.


Shen is your spirit or your mind. It is your aura.

It is associated with the upper dantien which is the area of your third eye. You can see a person’s Shen shine through their eyes.

Your Shen is what makes you think, speak and understand. This is treated separately from the body in Western medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine the Mind and the Body are treated together and the Shen is considered as an essential part of your body.

It is important to not only exercise your body but also your spiritual mind.


You cannot build more Jing. You can only preserve the Jing  that you inherited from birth. Your goal in your practice of Tai Chi and Qigong is to transform Jing into Qi and Qi into Shen.

These 3 substances are what we call the 3 treasures and they are what makes us human.

The number 3 comes into our lives in so many interesting ways that I wrote a whole article on the number three.

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