Thinking With Your Heart Part Three

Jan 30, 2022

The art of living a peaceful life is to learn what not to do. 

Throughout your life you accumulate experiences. Some of these experiences are easy and feel good while others are hard and you learn what you don’t want to do again. These experiences make you wiser. They teach you when to be soft and when to be hard.

As a teenager, you begin to experiment with new experiences which teach you many lessons in what not to do. You may continue to learn hard lessons during your 20’s. This is an important period in your life when you begin to learn more about who you are. You learn this through the mistakes you make and this allows you to get to know yourself better. Who is your authentic self and what does your authentic need to live peacefully?

You begin to ask yourself – Is this good for me? Is this the life that I want?

Your life is your epic story and through your adventures in life you discover who you are, what you want most and what makes you happy

In the West, we have many choices but often we feel like we have no choice because we are not in touch with our authentic selves. We become a creation of the expectations of our family, community and society at large.

In this life, everyone is your teacher. Your friends teach you lessons but often the lessons you learn from your enemies are harder and require more attention and integration. Overcoming difficulties provides you with important life lessons teaching you about yourself, how you handle difficult situations promotes personal growth.

When things go well you might not pay as much attention and learn the lessons. Life in fact, is about learning who you are through the hard times and through your errors in judgement.

The Monkey mind has us chasing after things that aren’t important. Our practice is to learn to stop chasing and practice being in the flow.

As you grow older you learn the art of timing which is an integral part of the Wu Wei practice.

You wait to see how a situation unfolds before taking action. Once you understand the situation you can make small adjustments and corrections to your actions without going the wrong way.

Once you know your authentic self you know how to preserve your energy and learn when and how to act in your best interest and the best interest of everyone around you.

This article was inspired from the book Living in the Tao by The Professor - Master of Nothingness

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