7 Great Benefits of Tai Chi

benefits of tai chi Jan 17, 2021
Tai Chi is a martial art

Today it is practiced more often for its health benefits helping to manage tension and stress.  Practicing Tai Chi on a daily basis can help coordinate the mind and body, bringing us a sense of unity between ourselves and the universe.

Tai Chi is a full body workout

Although it seems like a very soft it is actually is an exercise that trains the whole body.  Tai chi benefits males and females of any age.  Tai chi is great for individuals who wish to acquire more mobility which is why it appeals to the elderly generation. It is useful for joint inflammation by strengthening the muscles surrounding the ligament joints improving flexibility and posture as you age.

Tai Chi stresses deep breathing

The practice of Tai chi stresses breathing from the belly, through the feet and then circulating the energy throughout the whole body.  It is performed with moderate strength and maintains a consistent rhythm.

Tai Chi is a method of health care

Research has shown that the practice of Tai Chi is powerful to enhance immune function. This makes your body more resistant to disease. Tai chi is being recognized increasingly by medical experts. It might benefit patients with a wide range of medical conditions. Tai chi isn't a treatment or a cure, but a form of health care. It can help maintain your well being as well as help treat particular illnesses.

Tai Chi is now used with doctors as a complementary treatment for disease

Tai chi stimulates circulation, increasing stamina by enhancing blood flow to the heart and body extremities. It has been known to help speed recovery of cardiovascular disease. Tai chi is said to heal the body by directing chi to all the organs and gives them a gentle massage through movement. It has even been known to help people lose weight in a healthier way.

Tai chi exercise elevates mindfulness enhancing your mental clarity and focus

Tai chi, as it is practiced in the west today, is considered as a moving type of yoga and meditation combined. A daily Tai Chi practice brings the body, mind and spirit into balance.  When practiced everyday individuals can start to experience health benefits very quickly. Tai chi is one of the most popular exercise known to man and it can help with your mental and total body well-being especially in these trying times where we have to stay at home more than we would like. You can practice Tai Chi anywhere, especially at home!!

To me, It is that perfect type of exercise; gentle, fun and simple for people of all ages.

If you want to know where to begin your Tai Chi journey with me.. Start Here

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