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qigong Jan 07, 2022
Living in  the natural way

In the Daoist philosophy living in accordance with the seasons is the first step in living in the Dao. This helps you stay in balance with your natural surroundings.

Nature is all things

Nature in Daoism does not only represent the trees and rivers like we consider nature to be in the west. Nature is considered a force that flows through everything that exists in the universe. In Daoism, we look to nature for instruction.

Following a practice that is adapted to the seasons will help you to follow the natural way. Each season is linked to a corresponding pair of yin/yang organs.

Yin organs

The yin organs are the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys and pericardium. The pericardium is considered an organ in Traditional Chinese medicine. The function of the yin organs is to produce, transform, regulate and store substances in the body. These are Qi, blood, bodily fluids, Jing, our essence and Shen, our spirit which keep the yin organs always full.

Yang organs

The yang organs are the gall bladder, urinary bladder, stomach, small intestine and large intestine and the triple burner. The triple burner is called the Sanjiao and does not have any physical structure but is considered an organ in traditional Chinese medicine. Their main responsibility is to digest and transmit nutrients to the body without storing them and to excrete waste. The yang organs are empty cavities.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that each organs is related to different emotions.

- The heart is related to excessive joy
- The liver is related to anger
- The spleen is related to pensiveness
- The lungs are related to anxiety
- The kidneys are related to fear

These extreme emotions are considered a major cause of internal disease when left unchecked. When an emotion becomes too strong it overpowers you and can cause injury to the associated internal organ. This opens the door to let in disease especially when the emotion lasts for a prolonged duration.

Once there is physical damage to the internal organ it won’t be enough just to eliminate the emotion that caused it. Now physical action is required to heal the body.

Transform your health throughout the seasons

In the Seasonal workshops, I will teach you the Qigong exercises that stimulate and heal the organ of that season. Practicing these exercises daily results in subtle changes in your health that you only notice after practicing for an extended period.

It is only once we look back on where we came from do we realize how far we have arrived.

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