Thinking Through the Heart and Feeling Through the Mind part 2

daoism for dummies Nov 04, 2021
The Monkey Mind and Not Doing
Imagine water dripping onto a rock. Years go by and it continues to drip a little bit at a time. Now imagine that you practice observing with your mind and thinking with your heart a little bit every day. Eventually, the water will split the rock.
Daoists refer to the troublesome mind as the monkey mind. The monkey mind spends too much time judging the present, worrying about the future and the to do list.
Part of this practice is to let go of the need to be doing which gives the mind space to slow down. Only in this way can you hear your heart. The monkey mind is another way of calling the ego. If you pay too much attention to the monkey mind you will not learn about who you are. You are the one to feed your ego with power and you can also take this power back. To overcome the ego don’t give it any energy, neither positive or negative.
 If we were truly humble, nothing would change us-neither praise or discouragement. If someone were to criticize us, we would not feel discouraged.  If someone would praise us, we also would not feel proud. - Agnes Bojaxhiu
When you meditate or practice slow moving Tai Chi you slow down your energy on a cellular level. This allows the opposing energies to separate. Through the practice of meditation you separate positive and negative energies. This opens the door for you to connect with nothingness and enter the void where there time or space exists. While Tai Chi is considered a moving meditation, it is beneficial to practice this exercise as a contemplative meditation.
Practice Wu Wei and surrender your ego
When your consciousness enters the void, you connect with your inner self. This voice doesn’t speak to you in words, rather in feelings. Often beginners struggle to stop the ego from identifying with the positive and the negative. Through the practice of Wu Wei (non-doing) your ego surrenders and lets connecting you with your inner flow. Daoists call this a state of detachment from all that is good and from all that is bad.
Detach yourself from your will and connect to your inner flow and the universe.
  • The fire energy of the sun is in your heart
  • The wood energy of a tree is in your liver
  • The metal energy of a rock is in your lungs
  • The earth energy of the ground is in your spleen and stomach
  • The water energy of the river is in your kidneys
Connect with the elements within you
When you go within you reconnect with these elements and organs on a cellular level. This is a part of the process of coming back into yourself. These energies interact and support each other.
In today’s world, we live in an artificial environment. Some people spend months without touching the earth element with their skin. Thinking with your heart and observing with your mind brings you back into your nature self where all the answers to your questions can be found.
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