Why are GMOs so bad for us?

Aug 15, 2023

When we inhabited the earth in the beginning of time and up until the agricultural revolution we ate pure produce from the earth. We would use natural fertilizers and aromatic plants would grow to repel the insects.

What are GMOs?

GMO’s are mono crops that don’t respect the natural environment. They are created using an insecticide directly with the seed so that it would repel insects. This is hard on our digestive system and there are many more people suffering from IBS and other digestive disorders today. This also comes from the processed foods which are also a product of the GMO crops.

The beauty of permaculture

When fruits and vegetables grow organically they grow together supporting each other. This is called permaculture where there are groups of plants that grow well together. Natural fertilizers are used with aromatic plants to keep away the insects growing around the crops. This being a more natural way to grow our food makes it much softer on the digestive system.

Would you drink water with pesticides?

If you had a choice to drink a glass of water pure or with insecticides which would you choose? Obviously, we would all choose the glass without the insecticides, the pure water. So why would we choose to eat our fruits and vegetables even our meats and fish with the insecticides?

Do you pay attention to how food makes you feel?

If we pay attention to how food feels in our bodies, then we would all know it from within that these GMOs that are grown with insecticides are not something we should be putting in our bodies.  When we begin to get more in tune with nature and its natural order our bodies begin to resonate on a higher vibration, eating organic produce.

Think green, be green, eat green!

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