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qigong Jan 09, 2021
standing meditation

Standing meditation is as simple as it is powerful for the overall improvement of your health and wellness. It enhances mental clarity, boosts energy levels and promotes inner strength.

People who practice this pose everyday say that it brings them a feeling of being more alive in everything they do.

The idea behind standing and meditating is that the more still you are on the outside the more movement can begin to happen on the inside…healing movement.

Your goal is to be as relaxed as you can on the outside so you can build strength on the inside.

Build Strength

Standing in meditation you develop a better postural alignment, stronger legs, body awareness and a more relaxed mind.

There are thousands of forms of Qigong and most of them derive from this one simple posture: The Tree Posture which is also called Zhang Zhong (the zh is pronounced like a j in english).

In this pose you are standing while hugging an imaginary tree with your arms. Your legs are the trunk with your feet sinking down into the ground as the roots. Your arms are the branches and your hands are the leaves that blow in the wind. You want to feel strong in your legs but soft in your arms and hands.

Standing like this for even only a few minutes a day improves your core strength, balance, and bone density. Standing like this uses different muscles to stay still then you would if you were in movement or sitting on a chair.

By using these different postural muscles that are normally not activated when using furniture as a support, you align your body and stand straighter.

Since stand quietly in this position is harder meditating sitting or lying down we spend more time focusing on our body and less time thinking about external events. It calms the ‘monkey mind’ and brings more awareness to the mind body connection.

Doing this practice before bed can also improve sleep quality. Especially when you turn off all screens at least one hour before sleeping.

Standing meditation is a form of Qigong where you can realign and energize your body without draining it with hard exercise. Contrary to a workout at the gym during standing meditation the nervous system is resting while at the same time the body is being trained and strengthened.

Improper postures drains and fatigues us because it slows or even stops the flow of energy throughout the body. In other words, improper posture creates energetic blocks. Through standing meditation practice you will be able to increase your energy simple from correcting your posture.

It is so simple that people underestimate this powerful training.


The Gokhale Method

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